In March 2016, the Association of the European Space Research Establishments — ESRE — was formally established as an International Non-Profit Organisation. Founded by five European Member States, ESRE associates have grown significantly in the past two years with the aim of further growth in the future. Members consist of space research centers in Poland (CBK), Italy (CIRA), Germany (DLR), Romania (INCAS), Spain (INTA), Netherlands (NLR), France (ONERA) and the Czech Republic (VZLU). Through ESRE, these research centers will strengthen their cooperation and propose common Research and Development (R&D) actions to advance science and technology both to support the competitiveness of the European space sector and address grand societal challenges.

The ESRE Association is managed by a Board composed by representatives of each ESRE member, appointed by the General Assembly. The Board, which changes every two years, appoints a Chair and a Vice Chair. The current Chair position is held by Antonio Blandini, President of CIRA. Josef Kaspar, VZLU Board Chairman and General Director, currently holds the position as Vice Chair. ESRE has two Steering Committees, the Strategy Executive Committee (SEC) and the Technical Advisory Body (TAB). The SEC deals with ESRE’s strategic and policy oriented activities and works in coordination with the TAB that advises ESRE on all technical matters related to space research and technology. Both the SEC and the TAB serve as facilitators between ESRE and further European institutions.